It’s fair to say that there isn’t a bad time of year to make your way to Park City, Utah in the name of new adventures and endless fun. Situated within the scenic Wasatch Mountains just 32 miles Southeast of downtown Salt Lake City, Park City is a destination rich in history and brimming over with beautiful landscapes. Locals and visitors alike can take advantage of incredible hiking, biking, and wildlife watching in the summer months while winter is a time of year to hit the slopes here in impeccable style! From world-renowned film festivals and amazing local shops to delicious dining options and a top-of-the-line après ski scene, personalizing your adventure to perfectly fit your travel style and preferences is a breeze in Park City.

While the appeal of Park City to travelers is evident, it also translates into huge potential for vacation rental owners in this area. The Park City vacation rental market is refreshingly dynamic in just about every season, and whether you’re new to the industry or looking to elevate your current business prospects, there’s a lot to look forward to when you make this your vacation rental home base. That said, owning a vacation rental requires a significant investment of time, funds, energy, and attention to detail. If you aren’t aware of how to handle the details efficiently, you could see yourself losing out on potential bookings and missing profit margins along the way. When you’re looking to improve your vacation rental home occupancy rates in Park City, the following are 10 tips from our own Park City property management team that lead to success.

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Revamp Your Website

Reaching a wider audience of prospective guests to enjoy a stay in your Park City vacation rental might come down to revamping the platform you use to showcase your listing. If you’re managing a personal site, now is the time to give it a welcome refresh to create a more eye-catching place for guests to land. You’ll want to make sure you’re taking an innovative approach to landing page aesthetics while also integrating Search Engine Optimization into your listings for higher Google rankings. These days, many travelers are looking for the ideal home-away-from-home from the screen on their phone so if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, a formatting transition is a must. You’ll also want to be sure you’re showcasing quality photos of your home that are taken by a professional photographer. With a pro behind the lens, you can be sure you’re showing guests your home at its best and highlighting the features and amenities that are the most appealing in a competitive market.

Get Involved in Your Community to Find Your Niche Audience

While you’re certainly working hard to reach out to potential guests who hail from across the map, it’s good to remember that there are opportunities for bookings within your local community as well. From those who are looking for a place to staycation to others who are more than willing to pass on referrals, getting involved in community events to get the word out about your rental is a good idea. In the digital world, this looks more like joining social media groups that are more specialized and specific to travel in your area. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there because you never know whose eye your listing might catch when you dedicate to these efforts.

Infuse Virtual Tours into Your Listings

Anything you can do to give prospective guests a better idea of what to expect when they arrive is a sure way to boost your booking numbers. A good way to achieve this is by incorporating virtual home tours into your listing. Not only are these online features fascinating to guests, but they allow potential visitors to linger longer on your listing while also getting an authentic look at the home details they’ll discover upon arrival. Authenticity and transparency is key to success when you own a vacation rental and those same principals apply to your listing. The more open you can be about your home’s setup and any other details that are included in an experience, the better.

One of our properties under our property management in Park City, Utah.

Follow Up with Inquiries in a Timely Fashion

Nobody wants to feel like a number in the system when they’re looking to book a vacation rental in Park City. Far too often, potential guests end up not reserving a place when they’re met with digital responses or no response at all to their direct inquiries. In order to create a personalized approach to service that appeals to guests from all over, you’ll want to be sure you have a system in place where you can respond to questions and inquiries in a time-sensitive manner. This will let your potential guests know you’re committed to the services you provide, and sets a standard for customer service to come when they book their stay with you. Ultimately, friendly and fast customer service and response times leads to top-notch customers coming back to book stays time and again, leaving great reviews, and handing referrals over in droves. A strong team can handle property management in Park City, Utah for you and make this seamless!

Committ to Cross-Channel Marketing Options

In the world of modern travel, those looking to book their stays have access to an array of listing platforms at the simple touch of a button. Increasing your occupancy rates means keeping pace and investing some serious time and energy into cross-channel marketing efforts. Even if you have the most visually appealing and interactive site of your own, you’re going to want to make sure your home is accessible on other booking sites like VRBO, Airbnb, and beyond. Yes, this comes with the need to budget for listing fees, but when you see your bookings increase dramatically, the cost will certainly be offset.

Emphasize Beautiful Interior and Exterior Features

Park City is a place designed to be explored by visitors but when you’re renting out your vacation home, the goal is to give guests a reason to stay in and enjoy the comforts and luxuries they find upon arrival as well! To that end, increasing your occupancy rates starts with some serious attention to detail when it comes to indoor and outdoor furnishings. You don’t want to spare any expense when it comes to setting up your home with quality furnishings sets and outdoor living and entertainment areas that enhance a guest’s experience too. The simple addition of a fire pit, an indoor fireplace, upgraded sectional sofa or sleek modern light fixtures could be the difference when it comes to meeting your annual occupancy goal. That means it’s worth your while to make sure your home is outfitted with enhanced technology, smart features, sleek finishes, and elegant artwork. Outdoors, you’ll want to create spaces that encourage guests to gather under the open sky, spend quality time in good company, and make memories that keep them coming back for more.

One of the homes under our Park City property management.

Acknowledge and Highlight Every Upgrade in Which You Invest

It’s not enough to take the time and energy to upgrade your home so that it’s even more appealing to prospective guests. You have to let them know what you’ve done too! When you’re in the middle of managing all the details of your vacation rental home, it can be easy to overlook real-time property listing updates, but forgetting to do so could cost you bookings and money in the end. Any time you upgrade a feature in your home, make your space more accessible, or infuse a luxury amenity into the mix, you’ll want to have a system in place to remind yourself to update your listing right away. The sooner potential guests know about something new you’re offering that makes your stay unique in the area, the quicker they’ll be to book their next getaway.

Be Sure You’re Pricing Your Property Competitively

Owning a vacation rental in Park City means being integrated into an exciting rental market filled with potential. It also means you’re in a competitive marketplace that’s dynamic depending on the season. This makes it even more important to have a close eye on market trends at all times and price your property accordingly. When guests are looking at homes to rent in the area, you want yours to stand out for exceptional amenities as well as a pricepoint that’s appealing. Getting to the sweet spot that speaks to more guests means knowing what surrounding properties are booking at and how that will change as soon as travel seasons adjust. Your pricing shouldn’t look the same in ski season as it does in the off-season so your guests can make the most of savings and you can still meet your profit goals too.

Let an Expert Evaluate Your Home Aesthetic

Sometimes, reaching a wider audience of guests to book a stay in your Park City rental comes down to the aesthetics of the property itself. It can be easy to lean on personal design preferences when setting up a vacation home, but this isn’t always the most effective route when it comes to marketing a home that’s eye-catching to all types of guests. Investing in a professional designer or home stage expert to walk through and do an evaluation is always a good idea. They have an eye for color schemes, design elements, and furnishing setups that open up space and make it warm and welcoming for travelers year-round.

Hire an Experienced Park City Property Management Team

Owning a vacation rental in Park City is thrilling, and for those who are new to the business, it can also be overwhelming. Success comes down to intricate details and when you don’t want to overlook anything vital, hiring a property management team who knows the area and the marketplace is the way to go. When you partner with professionals like our Park City property management team at Summit Luxury Vacations, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything will be handled seamlessly from start to finish. We take care of home evaluations and staging for photos as well as integrating your home into a streamlined marketing setup starting on day one. Your property will always have the platform it deserves to reach the widest audience of prospective guests as possible year-round and because we take time to really get to know you, we can tailor your promotion approach to fit your goals and style. Our team takes care of customer service so your guests always have an amazing stay and we invest in top-of-the-line cleaning and maintenance so your home is always at its best.

Working with Summit Luxury Vacations’ property management team means you can count on tailored services every step of the way. We specialize in personal care and understand how to bring out the potential in every property we manage. Some of our highlighted property management in Park City, Utah services include proactive maintenance, routine home repairs, luxury renovations, and extensive and meticulous landscaping. We offer grocery delivery for guests as well as catering services and our concierge team is on hand to make sure every guest enjoys a stay that’s one-of-a-kind. From our white-glove housekeeping standards to options to provide mountain and airport transportation, visitors will find endless reasons to leave amazing reviews, make referrals, and return to your home time and again. Partnering with an experienced and expert property management team means you can leave the details to the professionals and truly focus on growing your business and the aspects of the industry you love.

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