Sometimes, you want to go away on a vacation with your extended family. Or, you want to get away from your family after a holiday together and need to go for a real party weekend with your best mates. No matter the reason, sometimes you find yourself packing a bag, hopping on a plane, or getting in a car, and getting ready to embark on a week, weekend, or month with over a dozen of your best friends or family members. But where should you stay? 

We know it can be stressful to find accommodation for more than 12 people when it comes to hotels, hostels, or BnBs. But, don’t stress out too much. We are well versed in providing large and luxurious homes for people who are interested in high-end properties, tons of interior space, outside areas for watching the sunrise, and numerous bedrooms for getting a great night’s sleep at the end of the day. 

Don’t believe us? Check it out with your very own eyes! Browse our website to find the ideal holiday house of your dreams. We think that if you have more than 13 people on your must-invite list, Ridgeline is the perfect home away from home for you. This spacious and luxurious house features six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, offering ample space for you to chill out and chat with your friends, watch TV with one another, play board games on the dining room table, and get a full eight hours of sleep every single night.  

Common Area 

As soon as you walk into the common area, you will be blown away by the high drawings, modern architecture, luxurious amenities, cool interior design, and spacious seating area. The lying room offers an open floor plan that has a couch for sitting a few people, comfortable leather chairs that are great for reading books in the middle of the afternoon, and a large coffee table for you to prop up your feet after a long day of hiking. The high ceilings and carpet offer a sense of luxuriousness and coziness that can’t be matched. 

We add more high-end furnishings by including a large flat screen TV, so you can always watch your favorite streaming show from the comfort of your couch or watch a flick with your family. The fireplace and large windows make the room feel even bigger than it already is, with the fireplace adding the perfect cozy feel to a winter evening.  

Modern Kitchen 

Plus, the modern and spacious kitchen is arguably the focal point of the entire home. As soon as you head to the kitchen, you will be blown away by the large cabinets, large island countertop that is perfect for setting happy hour drinks or appetizers, bar stools for your guests to sit at and relax, and a cold refrigerator and freezer to keep all of your fresh food in good condition for a fine dining meal later in the night. Even if you don’t enjoy cooking for everyone, the kitchen is great for entertaining!  

Cozy Bedrooms 

Once you head upstairs, you might think that you have left the best bits behind you and bedrooms are bland and boring. Fortunately, you are wrong! The brooms are large, cozy, and modern – everything you could want in a place to sleep. The bedrooms offer plush bedding and fluffy pillows, comfortable seating areas, private fireplaces to keep you warm on a cold winter night, and private flatscreen TV to watch a romantic movie with your partner as you both fall asleep to the sound of snowfall right outside of your window.  

And with this large and immaculately decorated and designed home, you never have to worry about your guests. This house comes with multiple guest bedrooms that are all of the same high quality, so your friends or family members will be able to curl up under the plush bedding, rest their weary heads on the pillows, turn off the lights, and watch a movie or TV show before falling asleep every night. We guarantee everyone will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day! 

Plus, you can rinse the ‘travel’ off of yourself in the large and modern tub or shower with your attached bathroom. Each bedroom has an attached bathroom that has large tile sinks, ample flooring, a town space, counter space for getting ready in the morning, and bathing facilities that are second to none.  

Book Your Stay 

Not sure where to stay this upcoming holiday? Well, we have you covered. If you are traveling with a large group, just use our services from Summit Luxury Vacations to find the ideal mansion for you and your family or friends. We know that Ridgeline is going to surpass even your highest expectations, so make sure you contact us and book today to lock in your holiday dates! 

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