Park City is well known to people worldwide due to its perfect environment for hiking in the summer months, hitting the slopes in the winter months, and the mouthwatering restaurants and breweries that dot the city and surrounding countryside. You can always find something to do in this pristine natural area on the West Coast of the United States. But what if you want to avoid the throngs of people?

We recommend heading to Park City, UT, during the fall months! Head here in November to enjoy a fun holiday with your family and friends as you hit the trails, go biking down the rolling hills, head to the local wineries to have a few sips of Pinot Noir, or check out the fine dining restaurants in the downtown area for a date night or family-friendly night with your kids.

Let’s check out the top things to do in Park City this upcoming November and why YOU and your family or friends will have a blast staying here! Plus, you can stay in one of our luxurious and modern rentals when you spend time in Park City. What more could you want?

Have Your Dinner for Thanksgiving in Park City

Luckily for you, there are dozens of dining options when you spend Thanksgiving in Park City. Instead of going to the grocery store and having to make the turkey yourself, which can be time-consuming and stressful, you can go to one of the many restaurants, cafes, and bars to enjoy the culinary holiday without having to spend hours and hours in the kitchen yourself.

From the typical classic Thanksgiving turkey-filled meal with cranberry sauce and gravy to healthier options and more ethnic cuisine, we offer something for everyone in Park City. With numerous offerings, it can sometimes be hard to figure out where to go, when to go, and how to make reservations. That’s where we come in handy!

First is first — are you in the mood for a meat-centric holiday dinner that offers turkey, beef, sheep, chicken, and everything in between? If so, then head to the Butcher’s Chop House to get a traditional turkey feast or a mouthwatering steak that will have meat lovers rejoicing. The Butcher’s Chop House offers a whole heap of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, and candied yams with your choice of pie for just $55!

Secondly, Flanagan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant has an Irish take on the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Who said the Irish can’t cook? Not us! The Irish have always been good at slow-roasting meats and churning out tons of potatoes for dinner every single night of the week, and this is no different. Head to Flanagan’s for a classic turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, brown gravy, and green beans for just $39.

If you are in the mood for something that is more flexible than the typical turkey dinner, Flanagan’s is the perfect spot for you. The famous holiday menu here offers two protein options, salad, three sides, and dessert that is sure to leave you filled for the rest of the day! And don’t worry — no matter what you choose, you will be able to get cheddar cheese biscuits with melted butter, bacon jam to spread on the savory bread, and cranberry chutney for a sweet addition.

Are you not really in the mood for the typical Thanksgiving dinner? Don’t worry — sometimes you just want a hardy American meal, and we totally understand. Head to Grub Steak Restaurant to do just that — eat some of the best grub in the entire state! Grub offers steak, lobster, flame-grilled options, shrimp, and lobster that are all savory and mouth-watering choices we think will leave your stomach happy for hours and hours on end.

And if you are usually on holiday to Europe this year, but need to cut costs, Courchevel Bistro will have you feeling like you are in the middle of Paris or Rome this upcoming holiday weekend! Courchevel offers its unique take on the traditional dinner with a healthy salad, roasted pumpkin, pomegranate sauce, huckleberry sauce, trio dessert, and candied walnuts. We love this healthy and Euro-centric option for vegetarians and ‘picky’ eaters.

Lastly, Park City is home to some of the best returns in the entire state — and Hearth and Hill is popular enough for people from all over Utah, and the West Coast, to flock here all year round. Hearth and Hill is one of the city’s premier restaurants that offers pick-up dishes for you to enjoy at your home on Thanksgiving, along with a hearty and filling meal that you can dine in with your family. This American restaurant has a traditional turkey dinner, featuring a 12-pound turkey, stuffing, cheddar biscuits, Refuel Salad, and even more!

Plus, as an added treat after your Thanksgiving meal, you can get dessert to take back home to your kids for a few sweet treats before bed. Deer Valley Bakery offers Thanksgiving desserts that are the perfect addition to the savory turkey and gravy. We recommend getting a few of the apple pie desserts, carrot cake, chocolate chip cookies, and vanilla cream slices.

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