Fly Free to City $300 Gift Card

Summit Luxury Vacations is Now Partnering with the Delta Fly Free Promotion

January 7, 2022 by summitluxury

Guests of Summit Luxury Vacations can now participate in the Delta Fly Free Promotion! Learn more about how you can save $300 on Delta Flights when you book directly with Summit Luxury Vacations, a participating property of the Delta Fly Free Promotion.

2021/2022 Delta Fly Free Promotion Details:

  • Promotion runs from November 25th, 2021 – April 10th, 2022
    • No Blackout Dates
  • Participants must book a minimum 3-night stay at a participating property
  • Participants must book directly with participating properties
  • The total cost of the stay must exceed $300
  • Supplies are limited

How to Redeem Your Delta Fly Free Voucher

  • After you receive your reservation number for booking directly with an approved properly, guests will need to register their information to receive the Delta Fly Free voucher
  • After this has been submitted, the participating property will validate the stay and guests will receive a Delta voucher once the stay has been fulfilled

Register Your Reservation

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