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White Pine Ranches Estate | Park City Luxury Rental | Summit Luxury Vacations

This is the place to be if you are in the mood for a luxurious and upscale vacation. Not only does Utah offer incredible scenery, breathtaking views, far-reaching vistas, boutique shopping, and friendly people, but Summit Luxury Vacations provides guests from all over the world high-end choices for their upcoming getaway.

Check out the White Pine Ranches Estate if you and a group of your best friends or family members are interested in exploring a side of luxury and upscale holiday that you have never seen before. Our White Pine Ranches Estate, a stunning Park City luxury rental, offers ample space for you and 9 other people to truly kick back and relax.

Exterior Space

As soon as you see the outside of this house, or more like a mansion, you will never want to go back home. The outdoor pool offers a great viewpoint over the lush green pine forest and the surrounding mountains. The wrap-around upstairs deck and patio is a covered space that you can sit during any time of the year.

Plus, the lounge chairs by the pool are great for relaxing, reading a book, or watching your kids in the swimming pool. We also love that after a long day of fishing, hiking, or exploring in the nearby forest, you can ease your aching muscles in a hot tub.

Other aspects of the exterior of the house which truly sets it apart from other boring hostels and hotels in the area is the incredible architecture. The large windows, brick exterior, deck and patio spaces, and firepit make this home perfect for those who want to spend most of their free time outside in nature.

Modern Kitchen

Once you enter the home, you will be blown away by the lighting fixtures, wooden ceiling, tile flooring, and ample seating for you and your guests. One of the main features of this incredible house is the modern kitchen, complete with a large granite countertop for preparing food, stainless steel appliances for whipping up a quick breakfast on the stove, and storage cabinets to keep your snack food.

You can then sit at the large dining room table to share a meal with your best friends, play a board game with your family, or sit and do some remote work. The large table offers a great vantage point to look out at the nearby hills and lush green pine forests as you sit down to dinner with your loved ones.

If you just want to have a nice breakfast meal with your significant other, you can sit on the high wooden countertop in the modern and sleek kitchen as you gaze out of the large window. Or sit at the booth and small table with your family to have a quick chat over a cup of coffee to start your day off on the right foot.

Cozy Living Room

After a nice meal shared with all your guests, you can head to the living room to sit by the fireplace, read a book, have a few cocktails in the evening, and set your feet up on the cozy couch. The numerous cozy chairs, large couch, and roaring fire can truly warm you up during a winter snowstorm raging outside.

Impeccable Bedrooms

One of the most desirable features of this home is the number of bedrooms and the quality of each room. It doesn’t matter which room you stay in; you will be blown away by the large bed, plush bedding, incredible interior decorations, large windows, fireplaces, private amenities, and ample seating areas for you to relax, chill out, and truly enjoy your vacation.

The bedrooms feature a large bed, a private fireplace to warm up after a long day of being on the slopes, a flatscreen TV to watch your favorite flicks or shows, and a reading chair to wind down with a book after a long day.

Some of the bedrooms also include a private bathroom, a private deck for you to enjoy your morning coffee or tea, and ample space to get ready in the morning.

Immaculate Bathrooms

Along with the functional and large bedrooms that offer tons of comfort for you to chill out, get a full eight hours of sleep, and really relax, the bathrooms are impeccably designed, modern, and sleek. You may never want to get out of the bath when you see the master bathroom!

The bathrooms feature tile flooring, large windows, sleek designs, and a functional layout. Easily get ready in the morning, or take a quick shower before hopping into bed, as you utilize your modern and high-end bathroom.

Once you see this property, you will never want to stay anywhere else on vacation. Book today using our website to get started planning the holiday of your dreams.

Daly Avenue Retreat is a spacious four-bedroom, four-bathroom Park City vacation home rental that can comfortably fit up to 10 guests. For those who want to explore all that Park City has to offer in the sunny and outdoor-centric state of Utah, this is the perfect place to base yourself and explore. We love the exterior design of the home, the split-level architecture, and the location of this house for those we enjoy exploring, skiing, hiking, and wandering around the downtown area of Park City, Utah.

This modern and spacious Park City vacation home rental is great for those who want to bring their closest friends with them on a fun and exciting vacation. You can easily book this property through Summit Luxury Vacations, a premier real estate and property management company that offers upscale and luxurious homes for a vacation you will never forget.

Interior Space

As soon as you enter the home, you will admire the open floor plan, modern amenities, and incredible design. The kitchen features stainless steel appliances, making it easy to cook and prepare food using the modern microwave, oven, stove, and refrigerator. The granite countertop makes it easy to serve your guests appetizers in the afternoon, hearty breakfast in the morning, or cups of coffee throughout the day. Plus, they can sit on the high-top and comfortable bar stool chair around the kitchen island, making it a great place to catch up, play some cards, or chat with your friends.

Living Area

If you are feeling a bit tired after a long day of exploring Park City, head into the living room. The open floor plan between the kitchen and living room makes this space feel even bigger! You can all easily sit in the kitchen and living room, making it easy and fun to converse with all of your guests. The cozy couches in the living room are perfect for relaxing, taking a nap, having a drink, or watching TV on the smart TV.

We also love how the living room in this house offers seating by the window, making it possible for every single one of your guests to sit and have a view outside of the two windows or check out the TV if you are watching a movie at night.


Another perk of this property is the comfortable and modern bedrooms. You and your guests can relax in one of the many modern bedrooms that feature plush bedding, cool interior decorations, wooden floors, and a window so you can gaze out when you wake up in the morning. The sleek and minimalist design makes the bedrooms seem ultra-modern and even bigger than they already are!

Not to mention, the bedrooms contain en-suite bathrooms that are modern and well-lit. You can wake up in the morning, take a hot shower, and get ready for your long day ahead! Or, after multiple hours of hiking to the nearest peak or cruising down the Black Diamond slopes, taking a hot shower is the best way to recover.

Surrounding Areas

We also love the location of this property. Instead of being on the outskirts of town, located right in the center of all of the commotion, or being in the middle of nowhere, Daly Avenue Retreat is the ideal location to see all that Park City has to offer at any time of the year!

You are just steps away from some of the local hiking and biking trails, making it easy to walk outside of your house and immediately embark on an adventure. After all, Park City is known for its outdoor activities, so the close proximity of the property to the nearby mountains, easy beginner trails, and biking paths is perfect to start your explorations.

You can also walk to Main Street in Park City in just a few minutes. For those who are less keen to go to the highest peaks or hike for multiple hours per day, they may find that heading to Main Street is just what they are looking for. You can head to this cute and quaint town to check out some of the local cafes, restaurants, and bars during your stay in Park City.

Luxury Accommodation in Park City, Utah

Does this sound like the ideal vacation? We thought so too! Park City is known for being a friendly, exciting, and outdoor-centric town that has something for people of all ages and interests. Use Summit Luxury Vacations to book the best property for your unique needs, whether you want a ski-in and ski=out property or an ultra-modern condominium.

For those who want a spacious and comfortable Park City vacation home rental with modern amenities and luxurious touches, we recommend booking Daly Avenue Retreat for your upcoming holiday! Summit Luxury Vacations offers the best of the best in the Park City area — and this property is no exception.