Are you planning to visit Park City around Halloween? It’s a great time to visit the area! Read on below to see everything you need to know about Halloween in Park City.

Fun Run Event for Halloween in Park City

Just because you are here in Park City on a holiday, this doesn’t mean you have to let your fitness and health go by the wayside! Fortunately for you, not only can you go hiking, white water rafting, biking, and bird watching, but you can also take part in a community Fun Run event right in the heart of Park City. This is a great way for you to see the sights of the downtown area of Park City, meet other like-minded people, and feel good about yourself before you gorge on candy later in the day!

The Fun Run is on Saturday, October 29th, 2023, at 10 AM. Wake up and grab yourself a cup of coffee at one of the numerous cafes downtown and head to the starting line. You can easily find the start of the race by just following the herd of people in colorful Halloween gear and costumes!

Bring Your Kids to the Costume Swap

Teaching your kids the importance of giving and charity is a great way to make them appreciate what they have! We recommend heading to the local Park City Library to pick up some books, read a few stories, and exchange a book while you are here. You can bring in some of your homemade Halloween costumes and take part in a costume swap. Between September 29th and October 1st, the Park City Library offers a costume swap that lets you donate your kids’ and adult costumes for a gently used one this Halloween! Become a part of the community this holiday season and feel good about yourself by helping give back.

Head Out on the Hiking Trails

One thing to keep in mind this holiday season is that the hiking trails can be quite crowded. We recommend going hiking on one of the numerous beautiful paths early in the morning to avoid the crowds, later in the day, (with sufficient knowledge of the trail and headlamps) or taking lesser-known trails to avoid tons of crowds. There are really popular spots that everyone visits—like Silver Lake Trail, for good reason—but they can be too crowded on holiday weekends. Instead, check these out.

First up, we recommend starting with Yeti’s to Moose Puddle hike. This exciting trail starts at the beginning of Olympic Parkway in Utah Olympic Park and winds you 6 miles up the trail. This is one of the best hikes for you to soak in the pristine views, see the changing of the leaves up close and personal, smell the aspen trees as you walk along, and see incredible viewpoints of Murdock.

The second option for a fun and exciting trail that avoids tons of crowds is the Snow Top Loop. This trail starts at the Lower Deer Valley Resort Lot and the Solamere trailhead. We love these 3-mile trails for beginner hikers who want to get out in nature and escape the loud noises, music playing, and slow walkers! As soon as you start the hike, you will get a bit of a workout as you walk more than 300 feet upwards over the Jordanelle Reservoir and Park City Mountain Resort.

Lastly, we love taking the IO Trail and Charlie’s 9K trail starting at Bloods Lake Trailhead or Bonanza Flat Trailhead. This unique option of a combination of trails varies, so you can choose where you want to start and how you want to extend your adventure. If you want to avoid people, start at the Bonanza Flat Trailhead and begin your hike through the trees toward Jupiter Peak — the snow-capped mountain will truly take your breath away!

Make a Dinner Reservation

After a long day of hiking, the best thing to do is get a bite to eat. During Halloween in Park City, when tourists are here to enjoy the Halloween events, party, and drink all day long, it is best to make a dinner reservation so you and your guests are not kept waiting for hours at the door! We recommend checking out Handle for an American classic that offers tasty and local food with hefty portions and a fun ambiance. If you are in the mood for fine dining for a special occasion, like a date with your partner, Riverhorse on Main offers up fresh flavors, local produce, interesting flavor combinations, refined plating, and an upscale ambiance that we love for a weekend out on the town.

Other local favorites include Chop Shop, a casual and laid-back sandwich spot that offers the infamous Butler Dip with Swiss cheese, beef, and caramelized onions, Corona Italian Cafe with the best gnocchi in the world, and Twisted Fern, with a healthy and hearty weekend lunch.

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