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Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you may be looking for a fun and romantic spot for a getaway with your loved one. Read on below to see the top reasons to spend Valentine’s Day in Park City!

Take Your S.O. to a Romantic Dinner

There are numerous restaurants right in the heart of Park City or in the surrounding beautiful mountain town that offer a romantic atmosphere for you to enjoy with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other. We know it can be hard to narrow down the extensive list to find the perfect one for the ideal date night, so we have done the hard work for you.

We recommend heading to tupelo Park City, a charming and modern upscale restaurant and modern bar that offers global cuisine mixed with the traditional North American plates and cuisine. Tupelo serves happy hour food, has a private dining room, and offers tons of vegetarian and vegan options to help accommodate every single person.

As soon as you head here, you will notice the bright ambiance, cool modern decorations, and charming ambiance that is the ideal spot for a romantic evening. Start the night off with one of the mouthwatering appetizers, like the buttermilk biscuits with honey butter, butternut squash and burrata with soft herbs, or the crispy brussels sprouts with feta, aged balsamic, sweet potato chips, and smoked pecans.

Then, continue your extravagant meal with a main entree. We love the “beef and barley” options for meat eaters who want a grilled sirloin, barley risotto, greens, and seasonal vegetables. If you are a vegetarian, don’t fret – the charred cauliflower with black lentil hummus, sorrel pesto, and sauteed dandelion greens is one of the best dishes on the entire menu.

Pair your dish with a bottle of white or red wine to split with your partner. Or you can order a fancy cocktail or an ice-cold beer that pairs well with certain types of meat dishes or seafood. We love the atmosphere here for a lovely date night or an afternoon out on the town.

Indulge in a Day at the Spa

Head to the Aura Spa Collaborative on Main Street to enjoy a massage with your partner, get a facial to feel refreshed, and get a foot rub after a few days of skiing or hiking. The Aura Spa Collaborative is a long-standing business in the Utah industry that focuses on providing a harmonious and stress-free environment with massage and bodywork, facials and skin care, hand and foot grooming, and other services.

Our favorite option for a romantic evening or day with your partner is to get a long, 90-minute massage with add-ons available at your leisure, like CBD oil to help you relax, aromatherapy to help with any pre-existing conditions or anxiety, muscle balm to soothe aching muscles, and 3-5 hot stones for deep relaxation.

Plus, you can choose the massage type and modality that works for your needs. We recommend the couple’s massage and your choice of reflexology, energy work, deep tissue, sports, or therapeutic massage to really get into the knots and help relax your muscles to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

After A long message with your partner, you can both get a facial to leave there with glowing skin and a healthy outlook on life. The 60-minute facial is a great option for an anniversary gift, including enhancements like an enzyme mask, an antioxidant booster for brighter skin, a hydrate and healing booster for moisturized skin, and aromatherapy.

Dog Sledding with Luna Lobos

You can have a romantic evening gliding across the snow with your partner. This is a once-in-a-lifetime authentic experience that will make this Valentine’s Day in Park City one to remember. Whether you’re a dog lover or an adventure seeker this athletic experience is for you. The dogs also love the experience. They stay active and get to run through the snow and you and your partner get to be real mushers. Book your experience today.

Do Some Arts and Crafts Together

We recommend doing some arts and crafts together as a couple to bond with each other, share ideas, and do something out of the ordinary. Head to the Paint Mixer on Main Street for a special event in the evening that offers live music from a local musician, a creative painting atmosphere, and food from Reef to keep you nourished and painting all night long.

Enjoy a Romantic Escape

As you can see, there are so many romantic activities for you to take part in during your time in Park City. Not only can you spend quality time with your loved one on a cold February day, but you can bond with your partner, get a couple’s massage, and do things you wouldn’t normally do in your typical routine. Reignite the flame with your husband or wife and head to Park City to enjoy this fun-filled and exciting holiday inside our vacation rentals.

The 4th of July is a time for fun, family, friends, and fireworks! Luckily for you, you can get all of these things and more in Park City, Utah. Known around the world for fantastic skiing, with mountains filled with fresh powder and tons of slopes, Park City also has incredible outdoor things to do during the summer months. Instead of just snow bunnies heading here to whiz down Black Diamond runs, those who enjoy hiking, kayaking, running, biking, or just relaxing in the sun will love this outdoor-centric town.

Let’s check out some of the best things to do this 4th of July in Park City, Utah!


When someone mentions the Fourth of July, the first thing that people think of is fireworks. Usually, Park City Mountain sets off Park City fireworks for everyone in the nearby area to see. Once it gets dark, keep the party going with the bright fireworks, flowing drinks, and good vibes. If you enjoy watching this incredible spectacle with your friends and family, you can rest assured that Park City will set off impressive fireworks display that will have you talking for months to come.

5K Fun Run

Another fun event to do during your Fourth of July holiday is a 5K fun run. Park City is known for being an active and outdoor town, so it is no wonder that people will enjoy getting a little sweaty in the morning before taking the celebrations really seriously! Lace up your running shoes and hit the pavement for a great way to start your day.


If you head to Park City with your kids, you will love the 4th of July Park City parade. Featuring an outdoor music concert and dressed-up actors who will entertain you and your kids, this is a fun way to kick off the Fourth of July weekend in this bustling town.

Great Location for the 4th of July in Park City

When you come to Park City on the 4th of July, you want to stay somewhere that is convenient for you to get around. If you choose a hotel that is a 20-minute drive outside of the town center, it will end up costing you a fortune for taxis or a rental car. Instead, choose luxury homes that provide close proximity to the mountains, town center, and all of the fun festivities.

The best thing about Summit Luxury Vacations rentals is that they are all in gorgeous areas of Park City. Whether you want to be located right on the mountain to get fresh air in the morning, or you would rather be close to Main Street in the town center, Summit has it all.


If you need something during your stay, you won’t have to ask twice. A full-time, world-class concierge service is there for you anytime, day or night, to make your visit more relaxing and enjoyable. Whether you need a midnight snack or you have a question about the home, the 24-7 concierge is highly reliable.


During your fourth of July vacation, you definitely want to bring your entire family — and that includes your pets! Fortunately for you, many of Summit’s rentals are pet-friendly, giving you convenience, functionality, and privacy when you bring your pup on vacation with you. The best places to choose from include luxurious and spacious homes in the Deer Valley and The Colony communities, which provide you with expansive properties, seclusion, and safety. You will never have to worry about your neighbors being unfriendly to your dog or your beloved best friend running away!

Group rentals for the 4th of July in Park City

Are you headed to Park City with a group of your closest friends to enjoy the holiday season? We don’t blame you! Summer is one of the most popular times to head to this bustling resort town, filled with outdoor events, live music, hiking trails, biking areas, and much more.

If you want to find the perfect accommodation for you and your pals, consider a group rental from Summit Luxury Vacations. It doesn’t matter if you have 10+ friends coming with you — Summit can accommodate large group sizes.

Since Summit Luxury Vacations is used for big parties, their high-end mansions are the perfect choice for those who want plenty of space for themselves and their guests. Forget being crammed on top of one another in a dull hotel room — instead, enjoy privacy in your own bedroom, shared spaces for cocktails, and a relaxing living room area to watch a movie or TV at night.

Not sure where to stay during your upcoming 4th of July in Park City, Utah party? Summit Luxury Vacations offers accommodation options that are perfectly suited for a couple, families, or big groups to party and spend time together. Ranging from private and convenient pet-friendly rentals to luxury mansions that have rooms for 12+ people, Summit has it all.