Everyone knows that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but we at Summit Luxury Vacations have been in the vacation business long enough to know that it works both ways; women fall in love over a romantic meal too! A good meal makes you feel warm and cozy, especially when you are wintering in Park City, and when that good meal is accompanied by candlelight, a good wine, and your favorite person, falling hard is the easiest thing you can do! This guide to the best romantic restaurants in Park City for Valentine’s Day will ensure that this holiday, spent in one of our Summit Luxury Vacations holiday love nests will be one you never forget.

Riverhorse on Main, 540 Main Street

Our parents always told us to go big or go home and starting out with Riverhorse is the biggest way we know! Foodies from all over the world travel to our doorstep to enjoy a single meal at this luxe establishment, so you know it has to be good! And when you are sitting at the black tableclothed tables, sipping a silky glass of wine from their wine cellar as the snow falls outside, the only thing that will make the moment better is the conversation you will be having with the love of your life sitting across from you.

Cut and Cast, 2250 Deer Valley Drive

New this season, Cut and Cast is the newest evolution in the Deer Valley dining experience! This premium steak and seafood restaurant is located inside the Deer Valley Resort, and opened in 2022, this restaurant is new, exciting, and definitely worth trying this Valentine’s Day! Our award-winning chefs carefully and skillfully prepare each meal for you to enjoy. Serving a variety of United States-sourced seafood, fresh-cut steaks, and everything in between, your time spent inside this restaurant is sure to put a smile on both your faces!

Chimayo, 368 Main Street

The southwest offers a unique culture filled with color and style and Chimayo offers a reflection of that culture, serving a variety of dishes that although they can be found anywhere in the world, are authentically beautiful and delicious! Ask for a table by the fireplace and revel in the warmth as winter temperatures drop even lower just outside the restaurant. A proposal made over a molcajete filled with delicious house made guacamole promises to be one that no recipient can refuse, especially when the meal that follows is as adventurous as the person asking the big question!

Ritual Chocolate – Park City Café, 1105 Iron Horse Drive

Just when you thought all the romance ended at the boundaries of Main Street, we at Summit Luxury Vacations are about to prove you wrong! Because not all romantic meals have to take place at dinner, this sweet café is sure to win a space in your heart as you sip hot chocolate, sample rich chocolates, and lose yourself in the sparkle of your Valentine’s eyes! Open every day except Monday from 8 to 5 a visit here will shoot the romance scale into the stratosphere.

Fletcher’s, 562 Main Street

As you might expect from a steakhouse, the food served at Fletcher’s is hearty and delicious, and the romantic ambiance is second to none! They offer a wide variety of menu options going from, sea to ranch to sky! So whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood, hearty steak, or juicy fowls Fletcher’s has you covered. Make sure you pair your meal with one of their carefully crafted cocktails. Then after dinner is over, head over to the lounge for some live music in a romantic atmosphere! Make your reservation today as Valentine’s Day is sure to be a busy day but will definitely be worth it since it will be a magical evening with the one you love.

Romantic Vacation Home and Restaurants in Park City

All of the listed romantic restaurants in Park City are sure to add romance and warmth to your Valentine’s getaway to Park City, but none offer the comfort and luxury that come natural in our sanctuaries! Spend a couple of hours puttering around the kitchen, creating each other’s favorite meals, and go a little wild with a winter picnic in front of the fire! Spread out a soft blanket as close as safety allows, open a bottle of wine, spread out your food and prepare to enjoy a Valentine’s holiday that you will never forget! Our homes are built with love, encouraging the love you feel for each other, and every night spent with us promises to be the best night ever. Reserve your favorite escape today!

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