Are you looking to really party all night and spend an unforgettable week with your pals in the snowy mountains? We don’t blame you! There is nowhere better to bond with one another, head out on the beautiful ski slopes, go hiking through the lush green forests, and catch unforgettable sunrises as you snowshoe your way to the top of an incredible hiking path. We think that the Colony at White Pine Canyon is arguably the best spot to lay your head and relax during your Park City getaway with your loved ones — and Snow Meadow Colony 104 is the premier house for you and 15 other guests.

This sprawling property features six bedrooms, and six bathrooms, which are big enough and spacious for you and all of your pals to chill out, spend quality time with one another, get a full night of sleep, watch TV after a long day of shredding powder, and play board games with one another on the dining room table.

Exterior Space

As soon as you see the house, you will admire the sheer size, unforgettable atmosphere, pristine location, and beautiful woodwork. Drive up to the front of this sprawling mansion to see the pine trees in the front yard, the private driveway that is plenty big for dozens of cars, and the grand entranceway that makes it feel like you’re walking into a castle.

Living Room

There is nowhere better to warm up after a day on the ski slopes than the cozy living room. Walk into the living room and plop down on one of the two cozy couches to warm your feet up by the fire and gaze out of the large windows. You can also sit in one of the two plush chairs to read a book or just enjoy a drink with one of your friends during happy hour.

If you would rather watch something on TV to unwind after a long day of skiing, snowboarding, or hiking, head to the living room attached to the  to lie down on the plush L-shaped couch, prop your feet up on the leather sectional, turn on the roaring fireplace, and watch your favorite flick or TV show from your flatscreen TV.

Kitchen and Dining

In the mood to spend a romantic evening with your partner? Or maybe you and the entire family want to sit together and have a nice dinner where you can chat about what to do in the upcoming days, spend time with one another, tell stories, and have a nice potluck meal. If this is the case, head to the round dining room table in the attached dining room and gaze out of the large windows, share plates, and feel the love and warmth of this house. We guarantee that spending time here and in the communal areas will be some of the best of your entire Park City getaway.

Walk just a few steps from the large circular dining room table into the kitchen to experience the magic of the stainless steel appliances, multiple granite countertop islands, comfortable bar stools, high ceilings, and ample floor space. If you are a chef, you will never want to leave this open-air kitchen that makes it feel like you are cooking in a five-star Michelin restaurant!

This kitchen features ample counter space for setting out appetizers, serving happy hour drinks to your friends, and preparing nice meals for your guests. Your friends can sit at the high bar stools as you chat with them about plans for the upcoming day. You Can also use the stainless steel oven, stove, microwave, kettle, and large grill to whip up a casual lunch in just a few minutes. The possibilities are endless!

Time to Hit the Hay

Feeling a bit tired after a long day of skiing, hiking, shopping, or partying with your best mates? We don’t blame you! The good thing is that instead of having to go to a hotel room and fall asleep in a cold and hard bed, or sharing a dorm hostel with random strangers, you can take a full date of our six huge bedrooms in our luxurious Snow Meadow Colony 104.

All of the bedrooms offer unique artwork, large windows with dark blackout curtains, bedside tables to store your phone and books, cozy bedding, plush pillows, and ample space for you to unpack your clothes, get ready in the morning, and have a nice and relaxing morning as you hear the sounds of the birds right outside of your window.

Plus, all of the bedrooms come with attached bathrooms or shared bathrooms that offer only the best of the best. The bathrooms have yield showers that are beautiful and aesthetic, plus ample counter and sink space for you to get ready in the morning. We make sure you feel like you’re in a spa when you stay with us!

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